Matrix Fanfiction


…then you will see it is not the spoon that bends, but only yourself.




Heroes for Ghosts by Kirstma 

After the movie ends, the crew of the Neb are derailed in Zion.  Rated R for language.


Review: Well, I that was really wonderful (I'm talking about Part 1 and 2). You have a beautiful style of writing . . . I sort of like the more shaded view of Zion, opposed to the "glittering city" a lot of fics talk about.



The Good Soldier by Kirstma

“This is the saddest story I have ever heard.”  Based loosely on Ford Maddox Ford’s greatest novel, this story takes a modernist viewpoint of the soldiers of the resistance.  This was first published in October 2000 before the attack on America took place.  Rated R for language, violence and adult content.


Review: “Trinity's characterization is fantastic. Rarely do you have stories (Especially Matrix ones) that focus so much on characters rather than the gunfights. I really liked this story. Keep writing.”  -Calvin Wong

Review: “That is the best written fan fiction I have ever had the privilege to read, I think you should consider sending it into the creators of The Matrix it is that good the characters are well developed, the story is striking, beautiful, beautiful well anyway, I say you get that piece published, maybe try a science fiction magazine, (scrye, inquest, SF monthly among many others) because that there is a piece that everybody should read.”  - Mezzanon



My Way by Kirstma

A forgotten voice of the resistance gets to have her say.  Rated R for language, gore, violence, and adult themes.


Review: “As so many of us contemplate the romantic, you change gears and portray a romance far deeper - a love of friends, of family. It's a tale of growing up, really, coming into one's own in a world where that means that you must open up, trust your soul with those you work with.” –Scottishlass

Review: “The scene in a car was excellent. It was so tragic and excellent and had so ‘terrible beauty’ that I've re-read it some times. Very well done, I can't remember a better short paragraph that pictures rebels so well. Only one compatible place is in Byl Glinka's ‘Apocalypse virus’ fanfic, when the ship captain tells about his readiness to kill billions of people in the Matrix.” –Inity



Left by Kirstma

For Trinity, the world was more than just a dream, it was a nightmare from which she could not awake.  Rated R for language, drug use, adult content, violence, and gore.


Review: “I honestly don't think any words I say, no matter how positive, could ever do this justice. It was simply amazing, and by far the best Matrix fanfiction I've ever read. You characterization of Trinity is practically perfect in every way, and the depth of your introspective into who she is just boggles the mind with its attention to details. I really hope I see some sort of novel or short story, or even another piece of fanfiction written by you, because I have no doubt that no matter what you write, it will turn out as beautiful as this.”