The Many Crimes of One Michela Ecks
    Ok, let's start from the beginning:

1. she got booted of very coldly and in the aftermath she had a nervous breakdown that landed her in the 'special' hospital for a few weeks.

2. after she 'recuperated' she decided to still remain friends with shaft & co., despite the 8 page manifesto she posted about them (on every mb) in which she called them liars (among other things, odd, but for a moment she had a glimmer of truth, maybe that's why she went mad.)

3. cut to my ousting -- she sided with them. and obviously she had no problems with stalking when meimi posted my ips and talked about making my emails/passwords public. it seems it's only stalking when she things it's directed at her.

4. her treatment of me was very unbecoming. her constant shaft ass-kissing gave us great hints about the nature of her personality. (she worships those who've done her wrong, why? does she still want to fit in? what was writer's u about anyway? a cheap way to get in the graces of

5. she then insults my friends and FOLLOWS us from the coolboards to here

6. she impersonated ld on several occations and used phoney names to conceal herself (a 'crime' that she scolded me about, can we say hypocrite?)

7. she says that we stalk her, do we

- send her emails?
- visit her 'site' and post on her 'mb's
- call her up (she has her phone listed)
- visit her home at inappropriate hours

NO! to all of them

rather, she's the one that comes here, she's the one who calls up teenager (minors) and curses at them (great role model) she's the one that made a big stink about her 'death' and she's the one who demans that we 'don't talk about her EVER.'

excuse me?

that brings me to

8. what is michela ecks biggest crime? she a nazi. she can't stand the idea of freedom of speach because others might dare to say things she doesn't like, things about her behavior that her guilt (?) or medicine might want her to forget, she forgets that we live in a country where 6000 people died because we have the first amendment and the filthy taliba-whatever don't. she can't stand that we're free so she terrorizes us by going to the police on trump up charges that are at best laughable, the stalks us by calling our youth and talking to them in a manner that threatens the well-being of a minor (a crime in most areas). she wants to silence us and convert us to her system of beliefs where she and she alone must rule and censor with an iron fist. well guess what michela ecks, it's wake up call time -- we REJECT you! and if you keep up this shit, you're just gonna fall flat on your face like the psycho loser you are because we can all SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOU

what ever happened to the ecks who'd flame and rant on about her black boyfriend and how i was 'descriminating' against you. you accused me once of being a shell of my former self -- right now i bet you wish you had as much guts as i have in my pinky. what are you? after all's been said and done, you killed off your persona, i didn't die, i'm still here and the jackasses who booted me from, stevie meimi, where are they? but you know what the real irony is here, i still got my account there, they never deleted it.

in your face mother fucker
Ave Satani, RD