Michela Ecks Folds...
    ...Fanfiction.net Liberation Front Gloats

This week it was announced that Michela Ecks, former Fanfiction.net administrator and founder of Writers University, had declared herself "dead."

Ecks's decision to discontinue use of her name did not come as much of a surprise to both Fanfiction.net administrators and the Fanfiction.net Liberation Front who had been following Ecks's rather unseemly actions for months.

Writers University issued a statement this week dealing with the figurative "death" of Michela Ecks. "Michela Ecks is dead? In a sense, yes," the statement read. "In reality, the person who is Michela Ecks has given up Writers University and decided to take a break from the Internet because of professional, academic, personal and Internet related reasons."

The statement did not specify on these reasons. Instead, this was offered: "The net related stuff made participating in on-line culture unpleasant and added additional stress that Michela Ecks didn't need at the moment."

The statement concluded with this blunt assertion: "Michela Ecks is estenially dead."

Michela Ecks was best known for her inception of Writers University, a site devoted to educating young writers on fanfiction, the legal aspects of fanfiction, and the nature of fandom.

Writers University had a brief stint with Fanfiction.net, its original host site. However, a widely publicized falling-out between Ecks and Ff.net administrators left Writers Univeristy essentially out in the cold.

Ecks is remembered for her rather brash statements to the administrators and to the Ff.net community at the time of the split in January 2001. In a seven-page manifesto published on every message board at Fanfiction.net, Ecks declared, "My resignation is not just a resignation from the site but a complete dissociation with the site. Because the actions were so upsetting, offense and petty, I want NOTHING to do with FanFiction.Net at this point."

Ecks proclaimed that she had endured abuse at the hands of Ff.net administrators. Ecks wrote, "I have been repeatedly lied to by Steven Savage. I do not tolerate liars. I will NOT be associated with liars."

No evidence was ever found to support this allegation against Steven Savage. Fanfiction.net did not dignify Ecks's comments, but simply issued a statement on their sadness over the departure of Writers Univeristy.

Speculations on Ecks's mental health at the time still loom. A week ago, a person using the name "smear me" reported that "the creator of Writer's University actually had a nervous breakdown and had to be hospitalized for a few weeks."

This claim was unfounded, and Ecks asserted that it was untrue. "The part that STEAMS ME AND STEAMS ME BAD is that fanfiction.net Writers University connection," she said in a statement issued under the name "Spaz." "One of your [...] posts said I was hospitalized for several weeks. I CATERGORICALLY DENY THAT. I was not, nor have I been hospitalized during the past eight months."

These allegations over Ecks's mental state may have furthered the decision to dispose of the Michela Ecks alias. Members of the Fanfiction.net Liberation Front had reportedly taken to calling Ecks "Princess Prozac" for her erratic behavior and willingness to impersonate others on message boards.

The Fanfiction.net Liberation Front is a faction devoted to protecting user rights and privacy on Fanfiction.net, as well as encouraging more freedom of speech in the Fanfiction.net forums.

The FLF was "extremely saddened and disappointed" in Ecks's earlier behavior. In May, Ecks sided with Fanfiction.net in the decision to ban long-time author RD for the crime of "flame-bait", despite the fact that Ecks was no longer a part of the Ff.net staff.

According to Lucifer Daimaou, "The final Strike, of course, came about the time of RD's departure from fu.net, and the rest of us following close behind--when Michela denounced me as making a 'threat' when all I was asking for was a cease-fire. After that, things fell into place pretty much the way they should have to begin with--all of us smart people on one side, Ecks and Fu.net on the other."

The FLF expressed joy at the fact that Ecks had declared herself "dead." Toasts were made earlier this evening.

"And so, as we bid farewell to Ecks," said Daimaou, "we bid farewell not to just a person, or a shaft-kisser, but to an era--an era of elitism and stupidity."

RD was more blunt: "we have, in less than five months, caused the total and complete destruction of one of the shaft's biggest ass-lickers. and if you thought that victory was enough to satisfy our blood lust then you'd be wrong, you'd be very wrong [...] we shall bury you in obscurity!"

SharasEgypt was perhaps the most tactful, issuing this statement: "Oh well, see ya Michela. Glad I hardly knew you...wish it could have been never knew you."

The FLF was angry at Ecks's latest transgression, using access to accounts to impersonate Lucifer Daimaou on a public message board in an attempt to ruin his reputation. These suspicions were confirmed when Ecks's ISP number matched the imposter's.

On the "Godawful Message Board," others were found discussing Ecks's death.

A person by the name of StapledC said, "She has done a lot of awful things in the past few months like tarnishing the Mary Sue Whipple name (borderline plagiarism, no?), starting a war with Steven Savage at fanfiction.net, and impersonating people on this board. The internet is a much better place without her. She supposedly preaches tolerance, but then goes and plays awful tricks on people. I'm glad to see her go."

Ecks's reputation proceeds her. Author Alice Karvonen Allonway and creator of Mary Sue Whipple was upset when she discovered that Ecks was using the Mary Sue Whipple pen name.

From www.sff.net/people/thyme/howandwho.htp --
"And most especially," Allonway writes, "I want to disassociate from Mary Sue the petty behavior of one member of the writing collaborative, who had been the self-appointed MSW of FanFiction.Net-due to a personal argument with the owner of FF.Net, she removed all Mary Sue content (without asking and/or mentioning it to any of the other authors) and declared herself the One True Mary Sue (likewise without consultation or notification of any other author). I wasn't even a witness to these events; I only heard second hand, months after the fact, and not from her."

Undoubtedly, fans of Writers University and Ecks's work will be saddened by her departure. But others, namely the FLF, are thrilled by this sudden turn of events.

Ecks's penchant for humor will not be forgotten. Today, a member of the FLF commented, "What I like best about the deceased Ecks is how she managed to write her eulogy in third-person. Either she aspires to be Bob Dole or she's clearly lost her mind."

News compiled by Kinch Gallagher, the friendly neighborhood muckraker.