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A little (stupid) idea that I thought up while waiting for Christmas. My evil bro Pyro Shirimasen helped a bit if anyone cares.....nope. No one cares. *grin*

So what I did was make a mini holiday for each day of the year, THEY'RE NOT REAL, no matter how hard I wish they were. I'm sorry this is not a fic, just something fun. Please don't ask me to change a date if you don't like what your birthday or some other day is. Thanks very much and please review!!!

I was planning on posting this on new years, but I got impatient (surprize, surprize!) so I hope you all enjoy it!!!!


01. Buy Final Fantasy VII Day
02. Midgar Festival
03. Scarlet Day
04. Sneak Into The Ventilation Shaft Day
05. Watch Weapon Blow Up Rufus Day
06. And Then Cry Day
07. Go Into Space Day
08. Lucrecia Day
09. Become Sephiroth's Puppet Day
10. RedXIII Day
11. Black Chocobo Day
12. Materia Day
13. Sector 1 Day
14. Knights Of The Round Celebration
15. Gold Saucer Festival
16. Set Off A Bomb Day
17. Have A Flashback Day
18. Quit SOLDIER Day
19. Roast Chocobo Day
20. Play Games At Gold Saucer Day
21. Lose Control And Beat On Poor Aeris Day
22. Destroy Sephiroth Day
23. Suddenly Remember Your Past Day
24. Marlene Day
25. Recover Your Stolen Materia Day
26. Cloud Day
27. Lose Someone Dear To You Day
28. Limit Breat Day
29. Earth Harp Festival
30. Tiny Bronco Day
31. Grow Up In The Slums Day


01. Shiva Celebration
02. Forget Your Deep Dark Past Day
03. Ninja Day
04. Have A Flashback Day
05. Sell Flowers Day
06. Elana Day
07. Shoot Rockets At Meteor Day
08. Jessie Day
09. Become A Tour Guide Day
10. Write An FF7 Fanfiction Day
11. Join SOLDIER To Impress A Girl Day
12. North Corel Festival
13. Honour Jenova Day
14. Steal Materia From Your Friends Day
15. Give A Flower To Marlene Day
16. Green Materia Day
17. Write A Fanfiction Day
18. Shiva Celebration
19. Aeris Day
20. Betray Your Friends Day
21. Shrink A Temple Day
22. Yellow Chocobo Day
23. Fried Chocobo Day
24. Mourn For Aeris Day
25. Rescure Hojo's Specimens Day
26. Icicle Inn Festival
27. Lifestream Festival
28. Turtle's Paradise Day
29. Date A Member Of SOLDIER


01. National Chocobo Racing Festival
02. Try To Talk Cid Into Quitting His Smoking Day
03. Try Not To Get Killed By Cid Day
04. Gongaga Festival
05. Get A Materia That "Does Nothing" Day
06. FF7 Is The Best Game In The World Day
07. Sector 2 Day
08. Meteor Day
09. Hug Your Chocobo Day
10. Fall In Love Day
11. Fall Off A Bridge Day
12. Cast Magic Day
13. Yuffie Day
14. Sister Ray Celebration
15. Hire A Whacked Out Scientist Day
16. Beat The Crap Out Of Monsters Day
17. Worship The Weapons Day
18. Raise Chocobos Day
19. Get Killed By Sephiroth Day
20. Have A Flashback Day
21. Make A Promise Day
22. Forget Your Promise Day
23. Hojo Day
24. Coronation March
25. Get FF7 Codes Day
26. Chocobo Legs Eating Contest
27. Blow Up The ShinRa Building Day
28. Biggs Day
29. Red Materia Day
30. Mako Festival
31. Search The Papers For Articles Of Cloud Celebration


01. Submarine Day
02. Set Towns On Fire Day
03. Ifrit Day
04. Give Tifa A Flower Day
05. Purple Materia Day
06. "Game Over." Celebration
07. Shoot At The North Crater Day
08. Kalm Festival
09. Jenova's Escape Celebration
10. Gain Another Level Day
11. Flashback Day
12. Go Insane Day
13. Nibelheim Burning Day
14. Capture A Chocobo Day
15. Get Vincent Day
16. Kjata Celebration
17. Move Sister Ray To Another Location
18. Vincent Day
19. Learn How To Use Materia Day
20. Buy A House In Costa Del Sol Day
21. Join AVALANCHE Day
22. Dropping Plates Day
23. Blue Chocobo Day
24. Heidigger Day
25. Get Turned Into A Frog Day
26. Materia Festival
27. Ramuh Celebration
28. Grilled Chocobo
29. Cast Barrier Day
30. Vow To Take Over The World Day


01. Grow Up In The Slums Day
02. Temple Of The Ancients Celebration
03. Shoot Down The Tini Bronco Day
04. Sector 3 Day
05. Mog Day
06. Infana Day
07. Get Airsick And Hurl Day
08. Join The TURKS Day
09. Odin Celebration
10. Barret Day
11. Fillet Chocobo Day
12. Blue Materia Day
13. Buy A Tent Day
14. Build A Second Cait Sith Day
15. Kill Sephiroth Day
16. Join A Rebel Group Day
17. Become Adopted Day
18. Cosmo Canyon Festival
19. Watch Aeris Die Day
20. Resurect Aeris Day
21. Chocobo Racing
22. Hug A Mog Day
23. Gain Your Sanity Back Day
24. Get Mako Poisoning Day
25. International Jenova Day
26. Mourn For Your Mother Day
27. Materia Festival
28. Wall Market Sale Day
29. Run Over Palmer With A Truck Day
30. Get Yuffie Day
31. Replace Reno For A While Day


01. Tifa Day
02. Lose Your Mother, Father, Family, Friends, ETC To Shinra Day
03. Swear Revenge Day
04. Get Revenge Day
05. Chocobo Hunting
06. Confuse Your Enemies Day
07. Have A Squating Contest
08. Sector 4 Day
09. Build A Robot Day
10. Cetra Day
11. Elmyra Day
12. Costa Del Sol
13. Gambling Festival
14. Spike Your Hair Day
15. Mutate Yourself Day
16. Surpass Your Father Day
18. Flick Your Hair Day
19. Don Corneo Avoiding Day
20. Become A Follower Of Jenova Day
21. Stop A Train Day
22. Green Chocobo Day
23. Cid Day
24. Leviathan Celebration
25. Reunite With A Childhood Friend Day
26. Yellow Materia Day
27. Have A Flashback Day
28. One Winged Angel Day
29. Shera Day
30. Glowing Eyes Day


01. Hug Your Chocobo Again Day
02. Create A Clone Day
03. Give The Black Materia Up Day
04. Mideel Festival
05. Attempt To Merge With The Planet Day
06. Fight Your Father Day
07. Zangan Day
08. Take Refuge From Meteor In The Slums
09. Get Caught Blowing Up A Reactor Day
10. Rude Day
11. Shoot At Weapon Day
12. Get Killed By Weapon Day
13. Aeris/Cloud/Tifa Love Triangle Day
14. Materia Festival
15. National Spiky Hair Day
16. Chocobo Steak Day
17. Hades Celebration
18. Kill Prof. Gast Day
19. Honour The Lifestream Day
20. Fall In Love With Two People Day
21. Feed Greens To A Chocobo Day
22. Zack Day
23. Guy In The Bathroom Day
24. Internation Cetra Worship Day
25. Capture The Last Known Cetra Day
26. Chocobo Ranch Racing Festival
27. Sector 5 Day
28. Black Materia Day
29. Participate In A Play Day
30. Fight Your Best Friend Day
31. Write An FF7 FanFiction Day


01. Find The Promised Land Day
02. Save Your Game! Day
03. Spy On AVALANCHE Day
04. Bone Village Festival
05. Lunar Harp Celebration
06. Wear The Exact Same Outfit Forever Day
07. Prof. Gast Day
08. Half Price At Any Inn In Any Town Day
09. Live In A Coffin Day
10. Write An FF7 Fanfiction Day
11. Get A Huge Sword Day
12. Rufus Day
13. Advance To Disk 2 Day
14. Hell House Day
16. Typhoon Celebration
17. Sneak Into Shinra HQ Day
18. Go Into Outer Space Day
19. Reno Day
20. Gold Chocobo Day
21. Fry Your Enemy Day
22. Typhoon Celebration
23. Mako Infusion Day
24. Vow To Kill Sephiroth Day
25. Get Shot In The Arm Day
26. Chocolate Covered Chocobo Day
27. SQUARSOFT Celebration Day
28. Sector 6 Day
29. Materia Festival
30. Recover Lost Memories Day
31. Follow Sephiroth Around The World Day


01. Cursing Day
02. Jenova Project Day
03. Wutai Celebration Day
04. Use A Motorcycle Day
05. Buy The Official Strategy Guide
06. Preform Millions Of Unneccesary Experiments Day
07. Improve Your Armour Day
08. Try To Sneak Out Of The House On Aeris Day
09. Idolize Sephiroth Day
10. Palmer Day
11. Open The Safe In Nibleheim
12. Get A Gun Grafted Onto Your Hand Day
13. Have A Victory Pose After Every Battle Day
14. Tattoo Your Cat Day
15. Neo Bahamut Celebration
16. Cosmo Canyon Elders Day
17. SHINRA Day
18. Do CPR And Save A Little Girl Day
19. Gill Day
20. President Shinra Day
21. Be Sentenced To Death Day
22. Go For A Swim In The Lifestream Day
23. Wark Wark Day
24. Go To The HoneyBee Inn Day
25. Get A Wig Day
26. International Tifa's Seventh Heaven Celebration
27. Cosmo Candle Celebration
28. Gambling Day
29. "You're The slum Drunk." Day
30. Titan Celebration


01. Get Chased By ShinRa SOLDIERs
02. Sleeping Forest Festival
03. Reeve Day
04. Honey Bee Inn Double Sale Day
05. Capture A Submarine Day
06. Save The World Day
07. Get All The Keycards Day
08. Chocobo A La Mode Day
09. Go On A Date Day
10. Pray To Holy Day
11. Inject Yourself With Jenova Cells Day
12. Conduct Experiments Day
13. Finally Admit Your Feelings Day
14. Fort Condor Victory Celebration
15. Wark Song Day
16. Bar Hostess Day
17. Go To Another Continent
18. Holy Materia Day
19. Materia Festival
20. Put On MakeUp Day
21. Go On A Date With Tifa Day
22. Visit Your Hometown Day
23. Tseng Day
24. Stow Away On A Boat Day
25. Take A Trip On The Highwind Day
26. Wedge Day
27. Get A Gun Grafted Onto Your Arm Day
28. Have A Secret HQ In A Bar Day
29. Steal Materia Day
30. Escape The Gas Chamber Day
31. Wear MakeUp Day


01. Buy A Better Weapon Day
02. Tifa's Seventh Heaven Annual Sale
03. Make Fake ID's Day
04. Use Fake ID's Day
05. Get Caught With Fake ID's Day
06. Turks Honour Day
07. Nibelheim Rememberance
08. Blow Up Reactors For Money Day
09. Pretend To Be A Member Of SOLDIER Day
10. Pray To The Lifestream Day
11. Materia Level Up Day
12. Dio Day
13. Catch A Chocobo Day
14. Advance To Disk 3 Day
15. Chocobo Flavoured Ice Cream Day
16. Flower Girl Day
17. Dyne Day
18. Go Snowboarding Day
19. Get Lost In The Desert Day
20. Sneak Into Shinra HQ.
21. Sephiroth Day
22. Equip Materia Onto Your Weapon Day
23. Coal Energy Day
24. Become Free From Jail Day
25. "Gimme Something Hard." Day
26. Honour Your City's Reactor Day
27. Blow Up Your City's Reactor Day
28. "OH MY GAWD" Day
29. Join The Turks Day
30. Go On A Date With Barret Day


01. Try To Cheer Cloud Up Day
02. Chocobo Sage Day
03. Flower Growing Celebration
04. Bugenhagen Day
05. International Mako Eyes Festival
06. Lose Your Husband In The War Day
07. Junon Festival
08. Hug Your Chocobo Day
09. Mercenary Day
10. Go Snowboarding Day
11. Use The Keycards Day
12. Gived Wrapped Chocobo Day
13. Dicover Your Mother's An Alien Day
14. Get Sent To Prision Day
15. Have A Daughter Day
16. Make Tea For Cid Day
17. International Final Fantasy VII Celebration
18. Cait Sith Day
19. Buggy Blow Up Day
20. Sector 7 Day
21. Dress Up Like A Girl Day
22. Materia Festival
23. Honour ShinRa Day
24. Get Killed In Battle Day
25. Buster Sword Day
26. Make Tea Day
27. Rocketown Festival
28. Ride A Dolphin Day
29. Take A Train Ride Day
30. Showdown With Sephiroth Celebration
31. Beat The Game Day

Thanks for reading all the way to down here! I kinda figured that you'd all check out what your birthday is and leave, every last one of you! But while you're down here, wanna sign a review? Why not say what holiday your birthday is???

Just remember that I don't take kindly to flames. I'll either break down and cry or flame you back! *sits back in her chair waiting for the reviews with Rufus' shotgun sitting in her lap*


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