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Rian looked up as I stormed into the empty bar. Within the next two seconds I had him thrown REALLY hard against the wall.

"Hey Mysty." chuckled Rian nervoulsy "Howz it going?"

"Shut up you little turd." I growled as I held him against the wall by the collar of his shirt. "Now I want a straight answer, or I'll kick you where the sun don't shine. You with me?"

He nodded quickly.

"I want to know what you said to the Turks, and I want it now." I growled even louder.

"What's going on?" asked Fralin as he walked out of the kitchen. Tifa pulled him aside and began explaining briefly, knowing she'd be next if she gave away my secrets.

"They just asked who you are and when you worked, and I told them, no harm right, you're here, see?" said Rian.

"No, what I see is a gun wound on my right arm from the leader of the Turks, you squealer." I shouted. "I have spent the last few days locked up in a tiny cell and treated like $*%@. Does that sound like there was no harm done?"

I forced him against the wall even tighter, and he began to sweat. Tifa and I were nearly killed because of him.

"I didn't think anything would happen!" Rian pleaded.

"Oh, so if the Turks question you about somebody you just assume they want to meet for tea?"

He took a punch and I was knocked backwards. I wiped the blood from my mouth without taking my eyes off of him. He was pressed against the wall in defense, looking at me like I was mad.

"You squealed because you wanted to get rid of me!" I accused.

"Alright!" admitted Rian. "So maybe I did. But I had good reason!"

"There's no good reason for sending anybody into the lion's den!" I hollered, then paused as the thought of my father came into mind. "Well, maybe some people deserve that treatment but I have never done a thing to you!"

"Yes you have! I have spent two years here working my butt off before we even knew you existed and then you show up and took position of cook! Then your little friend showed up and you two share the kitchen! Now can you blame me for paying them to take you both away? I had done more than deserved to be promoted to that."

"What?" asked Tifa from behind me. Now it was Tifa who had him pinned against the wall.

"You take that back!" she yelled at his face and he seemed a little taken back. I wiped more blood away and let Fralin help me up as Tifa chewed him out, finally unleashing her anger. You couldn't blame her. Her father was killed, her hometown burned, friends sold as slaves, and then getting locked up and nearly killed.

Rian shoved her away. "If either of you touch me again, I'll call them right away so help me."

I glared at him. "You'd be dead long before they even put their jackets on."

Fralin stayed back, obvioulsy knowing when to stay out of a fight, but he looked too concerned. Though he's stopped many barfights from going too far, how could he stop a fight between his own employees?

Suddenly a black limo showed up in front of the bar and Rian used the distraction to twist my arm behind my back. I muttered a curse at him but swore even louder when I noticed the Turks and my very own Father step out into the night and head into the bar. Behind him was a person whom I thought I'd never see again, my own half brother Rufus.

"Well well." my Father smiled as he entered the bar, embracing all of us as old friends "What a quant little bar you've got here." Then he turned his attention to me "I can't believe you were hiding under our noses after all of this time."

"Yeah, guess you're just that stupid." I muttered, and Rian pulled on my arm even more.

"Well done, young lad." my Father smiled "You've restrained our little rebel. Mystria, I'm surprized. You've escaped the great Shinra building with barely any injuries, yet you can't escape from one person, a boy, no less."

"Shut up or I'll wail another chair at you." I threatened and he winced at the memory.

"Rufus, where are you?" asked my Father and Rufus joined him. "Now this, is a good child. He follows my orders, not all the time, but he's a greater improvement than you."

Rufus rolled his eyes, and I had to grin because our Father was oblivious to our hatred of him. We spent many times defying him when we were younger. In fact, I had gotten most of my rebellious attitude from none other than big bro.

"You're President Shinra's daughter?" asked Rian "His lost daughter? I've heard stories about this girl running away, but I didn't know who it was."

"Hurumph, yes." my Father sighed. "I guess word travels too fast in this section. Rufus, take over for the young lad and restrain you sister, will you?"

Rian handed me over to Rufus, who put my hands in the cuffs (and "accidently" dropped the extra key into my hands), and I watched in horror as my Father paid Rian a large amount of gill.

"Well, I must thank you all for such a wonderful time. We'll be on our way in a matter of moments. In the meantime, however, Rufus, you take Mystria to the car and watch over her, and no funny business. Barkeeper, what do you say about serving us some drinks?"

Reno nodded and led me outside while Fralin reluctently gave out the booze. Reno helped me into the car as I couldn't find the heart to move. I was too busy watching Tifa. The poor girl was watching me too and fighting off tears.

(to be continued)

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