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Ummmm, Kari and I wrote this story in the summer of '98 (hehe, back in the good 'ole days..) It's the first fic I've ever written and if not for Kari, I wouldn't be writing FF7 fanfiction (great Sephiroth!) Lol! I just found this on my hard drive a week ago!

Hehehe. I've edited it slightly since I typed it up. Kari and I wrote it on paper and it was over 23 pages!!!!! But you can't blame us cause we live way too far apart, seperate parts of Canada, and we didn't have access to the internet *sob!*

Anyways, I'm very proud of this story and Kari and I weren't really caring much about charactorism, so no flames, please? Leave that up to Pyro.

Note: In this story, Aeris isn't dead (I wanted her back in it. yay me!), Avalanche and the Turks are not really enemies, and we're added five new charactors, all of RedXIII's kind. Katie, the mom, and the four psyco kids, Matt, Chris, Casey and Dawn. We came up with the names before I started using the names Casey. How we came up with the other three I have no clue.
"Hey kid! Haul some of that over here!" yelled Cid from across the room

"Shut up and wait!" snapped Yuffie. She was carrying a tray of refreshments.

"I can't beleive it's been a year!" exclaimed Tifa as Yuffie served their drinks. She was sitting beside Cloud and across from Aeris.

"Already?" asked Cloud.

"You @&%$)# kid!!!" Cid stood up from the table dripping wet.

"Oh I'm sorry" giggled Yuffie, "I don't know what came over me!"

"Hey watch your language!" yelled Katie, "The kids are in here" Dawn, Casey, Matt and Chris - Red and Katie's kids - were playing quietly in the corner.

"Sorry, but if you hadn't noticed, I'M DRIPPING WET!" shouted Cid "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna kill that girl!" and he chased Yuffie out the door.

"So when are we gonna be at the snowboarding place, huh?" asked Barret as he walked through the door.

"Speaking of which," said Aeris, "How did the reservations go? Did they have enough boards???" she asked

"How much did you get??? asked Katie

"Uuuuummmmmmm, 8." said Cloud "Why?"

"That's all they had?" asked Tifa "Only 8?"

"What?" laughed Reno "C'mon. Do you girls actually think you're gonna go snowboarding??"

"I can't beleive this! This is OUR vacation too!" said Tifa, getting angry.

"But we thought'd you girls were gonna take care of the kids" said Red

"What's going on here?" asked Cid coming in the room dragging along Yuffie

"OW! LEMME GO!" yelled Yuffie.

"Cloud never got any boards for us girls!!!" complained Aeris.

"What?" laughed Cid "Do you girls think you're gonna ruin our vacation by getting in our way???"

Cloud gave Cid a warning look

"YOUR vacation????" repeated Tifa. By now you could see her rage.

"Uh oh!" laughed Barret "You're in for it!"

Tifa turned and gave him a mean look and Barret stopped laughing

"Uummmmm, I think I'll go check on the pilot" said Cloud as he bolted out the door.

"Wait up!" yelled the guys as they quickly followed

At the lodge.....

"So what are you girls gonna do while we snowbo-" Cloud stopped when he realised his mistake

"Uummm, c'mere," said Tifa, "I got something for you!"

"What is it?" asked Cloud walking up to her, expecting a kiss

"Close your eyes" said Tifa. Cloud closed his eyes. Tifa socked him.

"Ouch, what was that for?" asked Cloud as he stumbled backwards.

"Me!" snapped Tifa. "For your information, we got our own boards and our own cabin!"

"Suit yourself!" said Cloud as Tifa walked off towards her cabin.

"Hey Cloud!" came a voice from behind. "Did you hear about the contest tomorrow???"

"What contest?" asked Cloud as he turned around.

"Whoa!" said Cid, "What happened to you?"

"Tifa. Never mind that, though. What about the contest?"

"A snowboarding contest! First prize is 100,000 gill!"

"Wow! If we all go we could extent our chances of winning!"

"And we could also extend our vacation"

"That prize is as good as ours!"

"Hah!" laughed Yuffie, who overheard their conversation "Don't count your chocobos before they're hatched!"

"What makes you so sure?" asked Cid

"Cause we girls already heard about the contest and registered. We found out we were the last ones alowed to register. All the other spots are filled! You guys missed out!"

"What?" asked Cloud

"I don't think so!" said Barret, aproaching. "I found out earlier and signed all the guys up!"

"Whew!" said Cloud as he put his hand back over his eye and Yuffie noticed.

"Oooooooooo! looks like somebody got Tifa a liiiiittle mad!" she laughed.

"Oh shup-up brat!" said Cid and Yuffie gave him a dirty look.

"Look, I bet us guys will beat you gals at anything, anytime, anywhere!" said Barret

"At what?" asked Yuffie with a smile, "being slobs?"

"Big talk for such a little brat" said Cloud, patting her on the head.

"That's it!" yelled Yuffie as she decked Cloud in the other eye and headed in the same direction as Tifa.

"C'mon," said Barret "Let's get you to the medical clinic before that leaves a mark."

Later, at the boys' cabin...

"Oowwww!" said Cloud with an ice pack in front of his eyes, "Yuffie's gonna pay!"

"That still hurts??" asked Red. "Yuffie must've hit you pretty hard!"

"Yeah," he replied, "And what's worse, Yuffie's a pretty good snowboarder, if she wins tomorrow, she'll brag forever!"

"I have an idea!" said Cid, "I know how to settle our problem!" he said as they huddled together.

At the girls's cabin...

"Ha Ha!" laughed Yuffie. "And then, ha ha, I decked Cloud in the other eye!" The whole cabin was filled with laughter.

"But that still doesn't make up for what they did. Thinking they can go off snowboarding while we do housework!" said Katie as she put Dawn in the pen.

"Ma, lemme out!" complained Dawn, "I wanna play with Casey!"

"How can we get back at them without getting in too much trouble???" asked Elana

"Lemme go!" repeated Dawn

"Tomorrow's the contest. Maybe we can do something then." suggested Aeris

"I DEMAND MY FREEDOM! FREEDOM!" yelled Dawn at the top of her lungs.

"You bit Matt so it's the pen for you!" said Katie

"But if I tell you how you can get revenge, and I promise to be good, then will you lemme go?" asked Dawn.

"Of course!" said Katie. "Just don't tell your father anything about this, ok?"

"Promise" agreed Dawn

"Leave it to the master of revenge" laughed Tifa as she lifted Dawn out of the pen.

Next day, before the race...

Cloud answered the door and found Tifa.

"Here" she said, holding out a large chocolate cake.

"What's that for?" asked Cloud

"It's an I'm-sorry-for-decking-you cake. You guys can eat it after the race." said Tifa
with a smile

"Oh, ok. Thanks" said Cloud as he took the cake

"Better hurry up." advised Tifa. "The race is starting in about 15 minutes"

"What?" said Cloud as he glanced at the clock "Gotta go bye" and he closed the door

"Phase 1, complete" giggled Tifa "Now for phase 2"

"Would all participants in todays race please check in and line up at the starting
line" came the announcement

"Prepare to eat snow, brat!" said Cid

"Awwwwww, bite me, gramps!" snapped Yuffie

"Hey watch it, you little" but before Cid say any more the anouncer came on. "The race will start in one minute. Would all participants please line up at the starting line. This is the last warning!"

"Hey, look who decided to show up!" said Elana as Cloud came running to the starting line and ignored her comment.

"Participants," came the anouncement, "On your marks, get set......... GO! And they're off! Cloud is taking the lead just ahead of Tifa and Aeris and Vincent is bringing the behind.

"Watch out Cloud," said Aeris "I'm catching up to ya!"

As they came up to the first obstacle, Yuffie cut in front of Vincent and he fell into a large hole. "Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!" he yelled as he fell in.

Now who put that hole there? thought Elana as she zoomed by Vincent, cutting off Reeve, which caused him to also fall in the hole.

"Hey!" yelled Elana as Barret rammed her board, causing it to colaspe into a thousand pieces.

As Elana fell, she grabbed Barret for support and he fell also.

Coming up to the next obstacle, the big jump, Yuffie took the lead. On the way up the ramp, her board hit something and broke in two. Yuffie was sent flying in the air.

Avoiding Yuffie's broken board, Aeris collided with Cloud, knocking the both of them off the

"Looks like somebody has sabotaged the race and there are accidents left, right and center!" said the anouncer, "Now only Tifa, Cid, Rude, and Reno are left. Let's hope there's no more

Cid tried to ram Tifa but missed and hit Reno, knocking both of them into a trap where they were caught in a net. "^#$@#$!!!" yelled Cid

"Oh no!" was the anouncer again, "Now only Tifa and Rude are left!"

It's all up to me, now. thought Rude as he caught up to Tifa. "If I ram her board, hopefully it'll collaspe and I'll win!

"Hey!" said Tifa as Rude rammed her board. Then all of a sudden, Rude's board had locked onto Tifa's board just as they were near the finish line.

"Jump off!" yelled Rude

"Who, me? No way! You jump off!" she replied

Neither one had jumped off so they crossed the finish line together, ending it in a tie.

Reno pushed Tifa off her board and tried to untangle the two boards. After no luck, Reno lost his paitence and broke both of them.

"You guys sabotaged the whole course and our boards!" yelled Tifa as she pushed him into a snowbank. By now everybody else had made it out of their traps and came down the hill, all arguing. Soon security had to drag them all from the ski slopes.

(To be continued. Go to part 2)

If anyone is kind enough to review (nnot bloody LIKELY), keep in mind we don't care about charactorism. This isn't a serious story, hence the rating HUMOR.

Thank you very much and you can email us at.....


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