FLF Dictionary
Compiled by the friendly founders of FLF.

  FANFICTION.NET LIBERATION FRONT: A group of individuals from diverse backgrounds who have come together to advocate for more freedom of speech and privacy on fanfiction.net. Basically, the support system for individual users at fanfiction.net. (Trent Roman, 2001)

  FU.NET: Common FLF term that refers to fanfiction.net. Means "fucku.net." (RD, 2001)

  THE SHAFT: FLF term for the fanfiction.net administration. Example: "The Shaft wouldn't let me post anymore in the Government forum. It locked all of my posts." Refers to the fact that when you get wronged by fanfiction.net, you get the ... well, you get the idea. Also calls to mind a great big penis shoved up your ass or down your throat. (RD, 2001)

  PULL A SHAFT: When an organization or website acts in a manner that destroys the contract of respect between its administration and users. Something is often called "pulling a shaft" when an online organization bans or blacklists a user without an explanation. (RD, 2001)

  SHAFT-KISSER: Someone who, though not on the ff.net staff, offers information to the staff in exchange for the love of The Shaft. Example: "Perrin the Shaft-kisser emailed the members of the staff to tell them about the debate in the bible forum. They later came in and locked the post." Sometimes called SHAFT ASS LICKER.

  PRINCESS PROZAC: Another name for Michela Ecks, longtime scourge of the FLF. Refers to her mental instability. (RD, 2001)

  EMPRESS: Yet another name for Michela Ecks. (RD, 2001)

  PULL AN ECKS: Can mean a variety of different things, mainly to threaten someone with libel and slander lawsuits because you do not like what they have said. Can also mean to act erratically, to pen manifestos, or to impersonate others on public message boards.

  MICHELA'S MANIFESTO: Seven page letter posted on every message board at ff.net at the time of the departure of Writers University. Can be found on this site.

  PULL A SAVAGE: To disrupt the flow of dialogue by locking or deleting posts that contain heated discussion, long-ranging discussion, or things that question the integrity of fanfiction.net. Basically, refers to Steven Savage's penchant for censorship in the fanfiction.net forums, and Michele's love of pre-screening on the fanfictionnet writers egroup.

  OFFICIAL REGIME: Name of Lucifer Daimaou's newsletter/column that details the infringement on individual rights by fanfiction.net.

  SMEAR ME: Anonymous whistle-blower who uncovered many details about ff.net's technical problems that included rumors of a corporate takeover, tax problems, and limiting ff.net use.

  CAPTAIN CRUNCH: Refers to Admiral Kelley.

  CAPTAIN MORGAN: Also refers to Admiral Kelley, but calls attention to his redneck ways.

  CASSANDRA CLAIRE: Writer banned from ff.net on trumped up charges of plagiarism. Widely advertised as a "plagiarist" throughout ff.net forums. Some CC fans contend that she was banned because the staff was jealous of her writing talent.

  Trent "I'm-not-a-fascist-I-just-hang-with-them" Roman:  Refers to fanfiction.net author/admin Trent Roman, who, as soon as given an ounce of administrative power, went on a post-deleting rampage.

  Xing: A sign indicating where a particular animal tends to cross the road.

  Cronie: Name given to oldest members of the FLF by Perrin after descending upon the Fu.net forums in the plagiarism affair.

  King of the Cronies: AKA Lucifer Daimaou. Dubbed such after the cronie name was applied to Lauren (SharasEgypt), Kirstma, and RD.

  Writer's U:  an alternative form of f-u (fuck you), or an insane asylum

  TOS:  terms of service, an 'agreement' that users are bound to but that xing & company can disregard

  Flame:  anything thing that criticises xing & company

  Fu.net is off line:  (or, 'the servers are down' & variations) a code that's used by xing & company to signify periods of 'user reduction'

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