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    December 14, 2001:  1:26pm - Scratch the flash thing.  >_<

11:06am EST - Added Flash navigation bar...and a review option has been added to the fanfics in the archives.

    December 3, 2001:  12:06am EST - For all those loving people out there who want to link to us (you're so sweet), I've added a page with fun banners for you to choose from!

    December 1, 2001:  6:45pm EST - Lunar:  Silver Star Story section has been added to the Fanfiction Archives.

    November 27, 2001:  4:11pm EST - There is a new section, for the musical "Cats."  There is fiction and a forum.  Go check it out!

    November 24, 2001:  9:15pm EST - I made a profile for Jaesha.  *claps*  Yay.

    November 17, 2001:  1:21pm EST - I am a lazy bum.  But aside from that, the Matrix section has been updated, and I've provided links to the fanfiction and originals forums.  Most of the fandoms also have links to their individual forums.  Eventually, I'll get on that whole FLF logo deal, too.  ^-^

    October 26, 2001:  4:39pm EST - SharasEgypt's profile page has been updated.  There also has been a new addition to the FLF Info Corner, so go check it out!

    October 25, 2001:  5:54pm EST - Ronin Warriors section is up.

    October 25, 2001:  12:34am EST - AFI section is up.

    October 21, 2001:  8:59pm EST - Xenogears section is up.

    October 17, 2001:  9:32pm EST - The Matrix section now exists.  W00~!

    October 16, 2001:  4:32pm EST - Linkies to Original Fiction and In a Heartbeat.

    October 11, 2001:  2:00am EST - More sections up, namely Poetry and Final Fantasy VII (I hope).

    October 10, 2001:  12:00am EST - Something big's happening with the FLF.  First of all, there is now a link to Lucifer's column The Official Regime.  Check it out from this link or from the navigation bar.  It's your choice.  ^_~  The Fanfiction Archives are beginning to come together.  Right now there's only one new section, The Mummy, but plenty more are in the works!

    October 04, 2001:  11:25pm EST - Lucifer's profile has been updated.

    August 20, 2001:  12:59 am CST - RD's profile has been updated.  The fanfiction archives are up tentatively, with a link to the Outlaw Star section.

    August 19, 2001:  2:02 am CST - SharasEgypt's profile has been updated.

1:19 am CST - A new article has been added to the Info Corner.  Kirstma's profile has been updated.  Also, the broken gifs in the Amazon.com screen capture have been remedied.

    August 18, 2001:  2:45 am CST - Updates at the Info Corner.  All references in the mailing are now documented, and other documents have been added.

12:40 am CST - The launch of our official homepage.  This will be a bare-bones version 1, with more updates expected in the near future.

    August 17, 2001:  A mailing was sent to many members of fanfiction.net, concerning important site issues and our group's concern over them.  Miss the mailing?  Read it here, or check out the copy in the FLF Info Corner.

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