Official Regime
As expanded, Xing found himself more and more in need of the help of others, to the point where the website is more staff-run at this point than run by the actual owner. Xing himself is bad enough, as this e-mail to me clearly shows:



I'll make this brief. =)

I have not received any letter from Michela regarding this matter. The possibility of your banning has NOT came up in the past/present.

However, I do want to say that FanFiction.Net reserves the rights and power to remove anyone's account under any circumstances. I'm not saying you have but stuff that occurred outside of such as spreading un-founded rumors are grounds for banning. In another words, your actions are your actions regardless of whether you are on or not.


Here, we clearly see that Xing does not only wish to control the opinions and behavior of people while in, where it might be a least within his rights, but he would go so far as to ban people for behaving a certain way outside of his jurisdiction. He's set the regime, now, his little toy soldiers have followed in their own simple-minded ways.

Stephen Savage, of course, is the biggest censor-monger. In the forums, he deletes or closes any topics almost without provocation at times. From past experience, one might say that his policy is to delete/close any topic that:

-Has been running for a long time
-Loudly disagrees with's regime
-is posted by me ^_^

Now, I would say that he would delete a post that's in the wrong forum, but this falls among the more random, less accurate bases of his policy. For, just before the recent crash in the server, Savage himself began a thread on Government, entitled "Getting serious about plugging" (or something along those lines). This might have been fine, were it not for the fact that he posted it in the general forum. Yes, the general forum--a place in which yours truly has harped upon the idiocy of policy before, at times, to have the post deleted because it was "in the wrong forum." Yet here we see a case of a staff member attempting to set up a policy, yet breaking it himself. This is but one of Mr. Savage's many faults in terms of leading the community.

As mentioned, whenever S. Savage grows weary of a topic, he brings it to a screeching halt by attempting to close any new posts related to the topic. Mr. Savage does not consider the fact that newcomers to the site, or regulars who had been away for the duration of the discussion, might want to have their say. You would think that a forum's purpose would be exactly that, to let the community have its say. Not if Stephen Savage has anything to say about it!

Stephen Savage's less vocal wife, Michele Savage, recently posted this at the egroup about these forums:


Please do nothing about it.. and please no longer go to that board and give it hits. That particular message board has an owner who has a long history of trolling at FFnet. Never believe anything posted to that message board.  Just let it go....

Nothing like broad generalities to start one's day. Michele is obviously referring to my many attacks upon the staff's position of censorship in the past. I was unaware that attempting to make a philosophical point was considered "trolling." It seems that, as old Potter Stewart would say, she is among the people in the staff who lack confidence in their ideals.

This ends the first edition of Official Regime. Hopefully, there will be more to come in the near future. Until then, Lucifer Daimaou, bidding you a fond farewell.