Poems Banned from Fanfiction.net
by:  RD

"God is Gay"
I think god is gay,
'cause he just leans that way,
I think god is gay,
'cause that'd really make my day,
I think god is gay,
'cause it makes xt'ans go away,
I think god is gay,
and that's how it's gonna stay.

The Western World
Ignorant for Two Millennia,
The Church is infallible.

Hatred Unfurled
At people who are not Christian,
The Church is infallible.

Heretics burned
Galileo G under arrest,
The Church is infallible.

The Jews get stoned
`death and the Spanish Inquisition,
The Church is infallible.

Women as slaves
The black Africans as property,
The Church is infallible.

The World it `saves'
Millions of Jews terminated,
The Church is infallible,

"What God Said"
God said to love one another,
unless of course you're a Jew,
then you're just the scum of the Earth.

God said to love thy neighbor,
unless of course you're not white,
then you're just the filth of the Earth.

God said not to judge each other,
unless of course you're gay,
then you're just the damned of the Earth.

A lot of things God said to do,
A lot of things God said were right,
But oh how those Christians stray,
and hate and load with much mirth.

"Why oh why oh Why?"
God is gay and Christ is bi,
why oh why oh why?

The infinite God has no gender, you see,
no matter how much we'd like it to be.

God liked Adam and made him an Eve,
although between us he much prefered Steve.

God said 'Go forth and multiply,'
yeah it's in that book, I don't lie.

Penises, vaginas and sex oh my!
makes the purists sit and cry.

Vaginas, clitoris and breasts,
those creations sure were the best!

Penises could've been made longer,
and multiple 'gasms couldn't have been wronger.

God gave us those parts to have fun,
and not turn away and run.

There's nothing more natural for girls and boys,
than what God wanted us to do with our toys.

"Who Died For Us?"
Why did Christ die on the cross?
Was it just for those xt'ans,
Were the rest at a loss?

Did he die so that an'one
Can go up to that heaven,
Was that why it was done?

So if xtians kill man,
Say sorry and not mean it,
They're still saved, that's the plan?

So it's fine to steal, plunder,
Destroy and exterminate
All that is God's wonder?

If unwashed sin's forgiven
Without merit or reason,
Now I see why you're driven
To kill the Jew, enslave black
And others who don't fight back,
To rape cultures and peoples
Just because they're not `equals.'
Is that why you think you're better than me?
You really think you can judge for HE?
Is that not sinful treason?

When we are killed, butchered and slaughtered,
Who died for our sins, who was martyred?

"God's Many Mistakes"
When you made the Devil
Tell me you knew
The evil he would do.

When you made the Garden
Adam and Eve
Why did you make them leave?

If trees of knowledge was man's peril
When you made Eden why were they there?
When you made the pair why did you care
If you knew the serpent would harden
Your plan?

When you let Cain kill Abel
Tell me you tried
To stop his hard hurt pride.

When you played favorites
With the two men
Why'd you like but one then?

If the world was good what's this fable?
When after you took your last day's rest
Did you really think you did your best?
So far removed from the realm of sprites
Why man?

What kind of god watches us fall?
Are you even a god at all?