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Sangue- Part One

By Shara Nameth

Kayura slipped into Sekmekt's room late in the night. He should be expecting her, he always was. She was a night bird, as he called her. She slept all day, stayed out nearly all night. It used to be because she'd go out partying with her friends. She'd get drunk, and then home come and sleep her hangovers away. Then go back out that night. Sekmekt expected her late at night, when she'd get back from the party. It was almost a ritual now, she'd go out early evening, not come back till 3 or 4 in the morning, they'd make love, and then she'd pass out in his bed, to awake in the evening and go out again.

Sekmekt didnt realize that instead of partying now, she went out and killed. She hadn't told him yet she was a vampire. She was afraid he'd leave her. Afraid he wouldn't want to join her in her immortality. Yes, she still felt love for him, but she wasn't sure it was the love she'd had when she was mortal. It was more of a desire not to be lonely. Because that's what she was now.

The one that had made her a vampire had left her almost immediatly. He'd stayed with her as her mortal body died, told her all he knew, helped her find a coffin, and then disappeared that same night.

She didn't want to be alone. She wanted someone to be with her, and Sekmekt was the only one she could think of to share it with.

Sekmekt stirred as he sensed her through his sleep. "Kayura?" Rubbing his eyes, he sat up and smiled at her form in the doorway.

"Hey, my snake," she whispered back and slipped quietly over to the bed. As she stood there, she smiled back.

"Hey Kayura. You're back earlier tonight then usual." Sekmekt reached out and snagging her hand, pulled her gently to the bed so she was sitting.

"I know.. I have something to ask you Sekki-chan." She kissed his cheek gently.

"What, Kayura?" He looked at her questioningly.

"Sekki... First, I have to tell you some things. I'm not human anymore."


"I'm not human. Not anymore. I'm a vampire."

"Kayura.. for how long?"

"Two weeks now."

"How? Why?"

"I was on my way to a party a couple weeks ago. I walked instead of driving because I knew I didnt want to drive home later. It was in an alley."

"But why didnt you get away?"

"Sekki, I couldnt have gotten away if I wanted to. He was much, much faster then I was."

"If you wanted to? What do you mean? You *wanted* to be a vampire?"

"Well, yes.. You should know that. Even before, I've always bitten you and drank some of your blood. Every night."

"You did.. But I never thought of anything like that.. I thought it was just a strange fetish you had. Sadistic.. You know."

"Oh.. Sekki?"

"Yes Kayura?"

"You wont leave me right? Even though I'm a vampire?" Kayura looked down, afraid of what he'd say.

"Of course not, amore. I love you."

"Would you come with me?"

"What?" Sekmekt sounded confused.

"Come with me. Be a vampire with me."


"Please?" Kayura ran her hand down his chest and looked into his eyes pleadingly. "I don't want to be alone.."

Sekmekt hesitated. "I.. Will it hurt?"

"A little.. When your body dies.. But then its all over." "What else is there?"

"Well," Kayura let her hand run back up his chest and gently squeezed his shoulder, "You can't go out into the sunlight.. You have to kill to stay alive."

"I gave up killing when Talpa was defeated Kayura.."

"You can do it like I do. I go after the people that hurt others. Rapists, muggers, you know, those kinds of people."

Sekmekt looked down at the bed, thinking. Then he looked back up at Kayura. "And we can be together?"

Kayura nodded. "Yes! No loneliness for either of us."

"I.. All right Kayura. I'll be a vampire with you.."

Kayura smiled at him, almost gratefully. "You will?"

"Yes. So I can be with you forever." Sekmekt smiled back as best he could, still afraid it would hurt.

Kayura gently pushed him down so he was laying on the bed again. "I'll be as soft as I can.." she whispered before her teeth punctured the skin on his neck.

Sekmekt closed his eyes as she drank, the feeling still bizarre to him, though she'd done it so many times before. He winced slightly as she drank past her normal amount. "Kay, it hurts.."

Kayura gently placed a finger on his lips, silently quieting him. Then she let her hand slide up into his hair, comforting him as best she could.

Sekmekt willed himself to let go. He let himself fall into a sort of consciousness, where he couldn't feel, yet he still could sense what was going on. The pain had become almost unbearable as she drank almost all of his blood.

Kayura forced herself to pull away before it was all gone. Slashing her own wrist with her teeth, she pushed it against Sekmekt's mouth. "Drink, Sekki. You have to drink now."

His tongue tasted the soft red liquid, and he latched onto her wrist, pushing it against his mouth.

Kayura closed her eyes as he drank, letting her mortal love become what she was.

A few minutes later, Kayura pulled her wrist away. Sekmekt sat up and tried to keep it at his mouth, but Kayura had always been stronger.

"It's time to let go love. It's all going to change for you now." She gently pushed his shoulders down so he was laying down yet again. "Dont worry about what goes on. Your human body is going to die." She laced her fingers through his. "But I'm right here. I haven't left you at all, don't worry."

Sekmekt's hand squeezed hers tightly as his body started dying. It hurt almost as much as Kayura at his neck. He let himself fall into that consciousness again, letting go of the pain and letting it just happen.


©Shara Nameth, 2001

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