What Everyone Should Know About Fanfiction.net Writers
Press release -- FLF -- by Kirstma

Kinch Gallagher, the friendly neighborhood muckraker, was banned yesterday from the fanfictionnet writers group at yahoo groups.

We gave no idea why Kinch was banned from this group. Kinch did not violate the terms of service as defined by yahoo groups. No one emailed him about any lack of decorum. No one offered him an explanation as to why he was banned.

This letter was sent to Michelle Savage (bizarra@infinet.com) and the owner of the yahoo group:

> Hello, I'm Kinch and I've recently been
> participating
> in the fanfictionnet writers group. I found it very
> interesting and worthwhile. I've been at
> fanfiction.net for a few months and am the author of
> a
> few stories. I'm also somewhat of an expert on
> literary theory, so I find it enjoyable to give
> advice
> to younger writers.
> There must be some mistake in the protocol, as I
> tried
> to log in just now and was given a message that my
> membership is "banned." I've also been branded a
> "banned member."
> I don't quite understand the meaning of this
> message.
> If my conduct was in any way shape or form
> detrimental
> to the group, I expect that I would have been
> informed
> of this. No one wrote to me to explain the rules of
> posting in the group, and no one warned me about
> things that I have said.
> I give more credence to fanfiction.net as an
> organization, and therefore I don't think the staff
> would have "banned" me without some professional
> explanation. I have therefore concluded that the
> message I received was some kind of mistake.
> I apologize for any lack of decorum that may have
> been
> perceived, and I ask for your speedy attention to
> this
> matter. I love writing, I love the internet, so it
> only makes sense that I enjoy fanfiction.net. If
> someone could send me a copy of the rules and an
> explanation of any rules I might have violated, I
> would be much obliged.
> Sincerely,
> Kinch Gallagher
> The Friendly Neighborhood Muckraker

No one ever responded to this letter. Fanfiction.net is obviously trying to avoid conflict and discussion by using its only tested method: escape. Fanfiction.net does not address user concerns. Fanfiction.net bans first and asks questions later. Fanfiction.net is a discriminatory, bigoted internet regime.

In related news, RD was banned from the list as well. He did not submit anything derogatory or questionable to the list.

If any readers feel their rights have been violated by fanfictionnet writers, or that they have not been afforded due process, please go to this yahoo address to fill out a form:


We need you to realize that this group is not fanfiction.net. Repeat: Fanfictionnet Writers is NOT FANFICTION.NET. Xing does not own this group. Yahoo does. Therefore, Xing et al. cannot do whatever they want. They must answer to a higher authority, namely yahoo. Do not tolerate abuse. Do something about it.

This message has been brought to you by Kirstma, assistant to the muckraker.